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Stuck In The Middle

Dec 3, 2019

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE is the only show that chooses not to choose sides. A talk show for those, well, stuck in the middle. Sometimes, you just see both sides.

Hosted by Josh, Eli, and Adam

FaceBook: @StuckInTheMiddleShow

Twitter: @SITMShow1

Instagram: StuckInTheMiddleShow1


Thanksgiving recap, Gun Episode Coming up, Eli Takes a noob to the gun-range, Josh wants to change the name of the show, Joe Biden and his No Malarkey Tour, Tulsi vs Pete, Democrats, Impeachment, An Honest Politician Video, BREAK, Having a friend of different Ideologies conversation, Adams Sleep Party in Slumberland, London Bridge Killings, Cop gets cup with PIG written on it at Starbucks controversy,