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Stuck In The Middle

Jan 24, 2020

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE is the only show that chooses not to choose sides. A talk show for those, well, stuck in the middle. Sometimes, you just see both sides


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SHOW RUNDOWN: 3rd and 4th Camera woes and battles with other shows, then 2nd camera tech woes but no one knows, working in retail makes you hate people, different political profiles, "houseless" man who filmed the Stuck In The Middle Promo, CNN Targets Bernie Sanders/Warren confrontation, Trump MLK National Park, Trump $200 billion trade deal with China, USDA Rules Rolled Back, New Eminem Song/Music Video, Josh's beef with Eli's Selfie Videos and his HAPPY FEET, Hole's in mattresses and poop/jizz socks, BREAK, Adam is a little SALTY AF, Jeff Bezo's donates to Australia, Amazon Working Conditions, an Islanders take on Chet Haze, ELI GETS HIS HEAD SHAVED TO FULLY BECOME AND TRANSFORM INTO AN ALT-RIGHT FIGUREHEAD